Common Definition

going to, toward; for; from the perspective of; moving | ALT (pv.) going to

ku definitions

according to², advance³, approach², attend², cross², departure³, drift², for⁵, forth², forward², from the perspective of³, go⁵, march², migration³, mobile², momentum², motion⁵, move⁵, movement⁵, onto³, pass³, proceed², progress², push³, slide², till², to⁵, toward⁵, towards⁵, transfer², transit⁴, transport³, transportation³, travel⁴, trip³, until², walk³, walking³

pu definition

  • PREPOSITION going to, toward; for; from the perspective of
  • ADJECTIVE moving


sitelen pona


motion radical; legs facing to the right. compare kama and blissymbol “walk”

sitelen sitelen

tawa in sitelen sitelen format

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  • English: toward; toward
  • Created by: jan Sonja
  • Coined in: pre-pu

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  • Category: core
  • Usage: 100%
  • Book: pu

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