Common Definition

give, send, emit, provide, put, release

ku definitions

add², added², administer², apply², appoint³, assign³, attach², bring², contribute³, contribution², convey³, dedicate², deliver⁵, delivery⁵, deploy³, deposit³, devote², distribute⁴, distribution³, donate³, donation², emission², exhibit², export², gift², give⁵, given³, grant⁵, input², insert², install², introduce², lend², offer², offering³, output³, post², pour², present², provide⁴, provision², publish², publishing³, put⁵, release², send⁴, serve², serving², share³, shared²

pu definition

  • VERB to give, send, emit, provide, put, release


sitelen pona


emission modifier + luka

sitelen sitelen

pana in sitelen sitelen format

UCSUR Codepoint


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  • Finnish: panna; put, set, place
  • Swahili: pana; give to each other
  • Created by: jan Sonja
  • Coined in: pre-pu

Usage Data

  • Category: core
  • Usage: 100%
  • Book: pu

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