Common Definition

head, mind, brain; control, lead, guide; government, leader; rule, law

ku definitions

administer³, administration², administrative⁴, authority⁴, brain³, cognitive², command², conduct³, control⁴, dominate², drive², enforce³, executive², govern⁵, government², guide², head⁵, institutional², judicial³, jurisdiction², law³, lead³, leadership⁴, leading⁴, legal³, legislation², main², manage⁴, management³, mandate², mind³, official³, oversee³, ownership², policy³, psychological², regime², regulate³, regulation², regulatory⁴, rule³, ruling⁴

pu definition

  • NOUN head, mind VERB to control, direct, guide, lead, own, plan, regulate, rule


sitelen pona


head radical; perhaps the horizontal line for the same reason as in kule. alternatively, perhaps a pictogram of a person wearing a cap

sitelen sitelen

lawa in sitelen sitelen format

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  • Serbo-Croatian: glava (глава); head
  • Created by: jan Sonja
  • Coined in: pre-pu

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  • Category: core
  • Usage: 99%
  • Book: pu

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