Common Definition

stay, remain, wait, pause; protect, keep safe; continue; (preverb) continue to

ku definitions

await⁵, conservation², constant³, continue⁴, continued⁴, continuing⁴, continuous³, custody², defence³, defend⁴, defensive², delay², endure⁴, guard², hang², hesitate², keep⁴, left (remaining)³, maintain³, maintenance², ongoing², pause², preserve⁵, protect⁴, protection³, protective³, remain⁵, remaining³, rescue², reservation², reserve³, retain⁴, safe³, safely², safety², save⁴, saving², secure⁴, security³, stability³, stable³, stand², standing², stay⁵, steady², still³, suspend², sustain⁵, wait⁵

pu definition

  • ADJECTIVE enduring, kept, protected, safe, waiting, staying
  • PRE-VERB to continue to


sitelen pona


motion radical; legs facing against each other, implying standing

sitelen sitelen

awen in sitelen sitelen format

UCSUR Codepoint


More Info


  • Dutch: houden; keep, care for, hold (in a particular state)
  • Created by: jan Sonja
  • Coined in: pre-pu

Usage Data

  • Category: core
  • Usage: 99%
  • Book: pu

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