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all; abundant, countless, bountiful, every, plentiful; abundance, everything, life, universe; one hundred | ALT 100

ku definitions

absolute², all⁴, altogether³, any², complete², completely³, comprehensive³, countless², each², entire⁴, entirely³, every⁴, everything⁴, full², fully², general², hundred², thoroughly², total³, totally², universal³, universe³, whole²

pu definition

  • ADJECTIVE all; abundant, countless, bountiful, every, plentiful
  • NOUN abundance, everything, life, universe
  • NUMBER 100


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"ali" is an alternative to "ale", coined in a poll in 2002 in order to avoid confusion with "ala". However, the usage of "ale" over "ali" remains more common. The majority of speakers report not understanding the "abundant, bountiful, plentiful" meaning, at least out of context. "20, 120" were non-pu meanings previously in use in the community alongside 100; they are virtually unheard of nowadays.


  • Dutch: alle; all
  • Created by: jan Sonja
  • Coined in: pre-pu

Usage Data

  • Category: core
  • Usage: 90%
  • Book: pu

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