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nimi Linku (the translations)

kulupu Linku has an instance on Crowdin, a localization platform, where anyone can help translate data in our dataset. We support translating definitions, etymology of words, etymology of sitelen pona, and commentary.

If there are any changes on Crowdin, such as approved translations or newly available languages, they are automatically mirrored to the dataset. This also works in reverse; changes to the dataset are mirrored to Crowdin, including changes to source data.

Our Crowdin instance is managed by jan Kekan San, kala Asi, and jan Tepo, with specific languages managed by many others.

Contributions to existing languages are open to anyone; corrections, new languages, and other work are discussed in kulupu Linku.

If you're looking for the Google sheet previously named nimi Linku, it can be found here. Note that it has been archived and cannot be contributed to any longer.