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ilo Linku (the bot)

The bot is for requesting and receiving Linku data without leaving discord, with a couple quality of life features. Add it to your server!

/nimi (/n) command

Returns a dictionary entry on the word you requested.

You can customise the language used for the definitions using /preferences language (the default is English).

/ss command

Returns the sitelen sitelen (sitelen suwi) glyph for the word you requested.

/lp command

Returns a luka pona sign gif for the word you requested.

/sp command

Converts your text to the linja sike font for sitelen pona, and displays it as an image.

You can customise the size of the font using /preferences fontsize (the default is 72).

/acro command

Finds toki pona words beginning with each letter in your request.

You can customise the set of words (only pu -- pu and ku suli -- pu and ku -- all available words) will be used using /preferences acro (the default is pu and ku suli).

/prompt command

Provides a random conversation prompt in Toki Pona, with a translation in your set language or English under a spoiler.

/preferences command

Its uses are listed above.

Additionally, you can reset all preferences using /preferences reset.