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About Linku

Linku is a dataset with many translations, a Discord bot, a website, and an annual survey created by kala Asi and contributed to by jan Ke Tami, jan Telesi, jan Kekan San, and many others for the purpose of collecting and displaying toki pona dictionary information accurate to current use.

ku data is provided from tokipona.org for the nimi pu and the nimi pi pu ala.

sona Linku (the dataset)

nimi Linku (the translations)

ilo Linku (the Discord bot)

lipu Linku (the website)

wile Linku (the survey)

kulupu Linku (the Discord server)

See also sitelen Linku, a small experimental page that displays existing sitelen pona, with short etymologies.

Also see nimi.li, a third party frontend for the website created by ijo Tani.